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Managing Overwork, Stress & Burnout.

A little stress is generally good for us and keeps us motivated and focused. However, being exposed to emotionally and mentally demanding situations repeatedly over time could causes this stress to accumulate and start to have a profound negative impact on our lives.

Burnout or "overwork" can be caused by a number of different factors, notably constant enduring of situational stressors / pressures which could also include unrealistically high expectations placed upon you by yourself or others. Burnout is sometimes mistaken for normal stress that people assume might pass until it is too late, and they find themselves in a state of mental collapse. It is developed over a relatively long period of time and has many warning signs both mental and physiological. My approach for dealing with burnout typically involves both counselling and skills training to help you deal with both immediate symptoms as well as long term management and improved coping.

As always, there is no one size fits all approach and the information listed here should just be used as a guideline. The actual treatment plan will be developed by us together in our sessions.

Have a read through my website to learn more about me and what I do. If you have any questions, just give us a call or start a chat using the buttons at the button of your screen.

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